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Face front marketing fiends and sagacious SEO scientists! Every few months we here at SEO Link Express Central HQ get an inquisitive inquiry from our merry marching society of fans that goes a little something like this: “When will SEO Link Express gives us the straight dope on what SEO actually does?”

The answer is, of course, right now!

Ways Seo Will Help Your Branding Efforts

Search engine optimization and branding frequently go hand in hand, although many traders see them as separate concepts. You should use Search Engine Optimization to draw users to your website and familiarize them with your business, while branding is your message, culture, and overall picture related to your company. Marketing channels like Search Engine Optimization are utilized as a means to communicate your brand’s message to prospective customers. So while the process of branding, occurs through various marketing efforts, branding in and of itself is not marketing. Search Engine Optimization can help to form your brand – Many entrepreneurs mistakenly think that they’ve got the final say in the way their brand is perceived.

The simple truth is that a brand is in fact defined by the clients and their understanding of what a company does.

Here is a very blunt, oversimplified example:

You could set up a business named Best Pencils on the Planet, Inc., and do everything you can to build a brand known for its high-quality pencils. But, if clients end up loving your pens and hating your pencils, Best Pencils on the Planet, Inc., may very well become known as that awesome pen company instead. That being said, it is possible to create a general shape, for your brand, and to nudge it in a specific direction with smart SEO.

Companies like Comfort Keepers of Philadelphia have been doing just that, cultivating an online footprint that shows them off as the leader in an innovative in-home care service they call Interactive Caregiving. This branding sets them apart, and they dominate the phrase through the simple use of SEO tactics.

Proper keyword study and content production are excellent methods of doing so. Whenever you decide what keywords you would like to rank for, you are strongly encouraging a relationship between your brand and those particular search queries. For example, if you want to become a large brand name in the workers’ compensation law vertical, you’d want to rank for keywords relating to hurt at work, job injuries, workers’ compensation claims, and similar phrases. You would not necessarily want to rank for a personal injury claim, because it sends a mixed branding message that’s contrary to your intentions.

In this way, proper Search Engine Optimization may help you influence the public perception of your brand. SEO and branding are means, to the same end. In fact, the goal of both SEO and branding is to increase the visibility of one’s business by becoming an authority on your industry. Because of this, you can’t really focus on just SEO, without increasing your brand awareness – is a logical sequence. With regards to increasing your business’s authority online, the same principles apply to both Search Engine Optimization and branding. Link building, for instance, has for ages been a crucial part of SEO.

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