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Last July, Google has launched the Google Speed update, which adds mobile page loading speed as a ranking factor. Along with a new ranking factor, the July update also emphasized the need to optimize websites for mobile use, as slower, websites may lose traffic should the performance remains below par. The new update also caused a ranking fluctuation as a result, which led to digital online marketing professionals to speculate that another update might arrive soon. As we enter into the month of August, speculation became fact, as Google has released a core algorithm update. The update was rolled out throughout the first week of the month, and Google announced that it’s one of their regular wide updates comparable at the update they made last March.

The update impacts all search results page, but Google didn’t state any more specific information when it comes to these results. With the update fully rolled out, here are the important details that you need to know.

Impact on Content – Among the initial objectives of the general base update is to improve the quality of the search results page, which suggests content quality and user experience is key. Quality content means making sure that whatever info you provide has the proper amount of expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness, and is able to generate traffic to your site. The concentrate on creating content has been emphasized by Google over the past few months, with the firm reiterating a statement that they’ve made throughout the March algorithm update.

Although this piece of advice was something which we and numerous other Search engine optimization practitioners have been preaching for a very long time, it’s best to ensure that you always optimize and update your content to cope with the most recent search trends. With regards to content optimization, there are many various ways that you can create quality content that panders to your audience. This could be in the shape of blogs, videos, and even podcasts. Searchable content comes in many forms, and with the right tags and keywords, you’d be capable to achieve a continuous flow of traffic that will be beneficial to your website.

YMYL Sites – While Google didn’t give any details on which type of websites will be affected the most by the current algorithm update, search engine optimization professionals have noticed significant ranking changes in YMYL and Health-related websites. With regards to overall ranking impact, YMYL websites were affected the most, with a number of sites experiencing a hit in their search rankings, while some websites experienced a boost. A survey from Search Engine Roundtable gave more details on what kind of YMYL websites experienced significant changes. In fact, websites related to health and nutrition experienced a huge boost in their rankings.

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