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You go to your computer to check your server, and it is working fine – but oh no, all of your files are deleted from the database. What would you do?

Backing up everything might seem a dull task. However, website backups can be a lifesaver; they are your safety net. They’re the critical part of security needed if all other resources fail.

Each car has a spare tire even though it usually is something you never use and forget about. Spare tires have a tendency to be hidden in a dark cavity of your trunk or attached to the belly of your vehicle.

Nonetheless, having a spare wheel allows you to drive without fear, knowing that whenever you do have a flat tire, you have a safety net. We may think of website backups in the same way. They’re your safety precaution for when your website has a problem, and you do not know how to fix it. If you’re an online breaking news site with tons of posts and images, a backup is the perfect safety net to prevent losing all of your content in the event of a site crash.

Precisely like having an additional tire, an internet site backup may help you recover your website following a security incident. It is critical to have website security tools in place to defend your site from hackers, or to detect if a hacker has accumulated entry to the site. Websites that lose their content is harmful to search engine optimization and will get penalized by Google’s algorithm; website backups will help to restore that content.

These tools, however, won’t be sufficient if the hacker can access and overwrite or remove the files. What’s described above may be called the worst scenario. Regardless of what security tools you use, the potential risk of being hacked is never going to be zero. Nonetheless, backups shouldn’t be the only security measure taken. Although backups revert your site content into the last backup made, any content uploaded in between time will be lost.

Also, backups can’t be utilized to solve the original problem or prevent your website from reinfection. This is why we advise that you take an active role in website security.

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