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The number of back-clicks

Back clicks occur when a visitor goes back to the search results page after landing on a website. Back-clicks indicate that the content found on the page did not provide satisfying value to the visitor. Websites want to increase the likelihood that visitors spend longer on the first result they click and visit other pages on the site after the first page. If you own an online breaking news site, for example, you want the article’s content your visitors click on in the search results page to match what the headline is.


Increase the overall user satisfaction that individuals experience when using their internet search engine

RankBrain won’t just look at the network as a whole, but additionally try and define different algorithms for various kinds of queries, different subjects, different languages, etc. Who knows, it can even have different algorithms for a different time of day.

We cannot be entirely sure of every RankBrain factor, but this is based on thorough research of leading search engine optimization experts! How many of you use RankBrain to generate more traffic? RankBrain makes it essential not to attempt to game the system. Google has gotten better at spotting link farms, and artificial, manipulative links; adding hidden text to a webpage or other manipulative search engine optimization practices simply won’t work.


Create a beautiful, responsive website that visitors want to stay on

Write content that’s well researched and engaging, provide useful features or illustrations and go that step beyond the norm to offer a value-added service and useful information. Be innovative, be creative.

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