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Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer science fiction. Each time you enter a search on Google, there is a high probability that your query will be processed by Google’s AI system, known as RankBrain. How’s Google using AI? In an interview with Bloomberg, Greg Corrado, a senior research scientist at Google discussed what RankBrain, Google’s AI SEO system does: Google’s engineers design all of the hundreds of signals that determine a website’s value. While RankBrain is a learning system, it really is an Artificial Intelligence; it interprets language, it understands your queries in a way that has some of the gut feeling and guessability of people.

When RankBrain was introduced in October 2015, it was created to cope with the 15% of distinctive queries that Google has never seen before, but in March 2016 Andrey Lipattsev, a Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google has confirmed that it’s now Google’s 3rd most important ranking factor, with content, as well as backlinks, being first and second. We also know that RankBrain is an evolution from Google Hummingbird; it affected search engine optimization internationally and was released around the world.

How does RankBrain work? RankBrain uses vectors, which are massive amounts of written languages embedded in mathematical entities and attempts to understand not just keywords on a page, but the intent behind the keywords entered. That is about all Google is saying, and there are probably only a few individuals in Google who knows much more than that, so the rest of this article is setting off down the road less traveled into wild speculation.

To learn, artificial intelligence needs feedback, so the first question is: Where does RankBrain get its feedback from? How does it know if somebody is satisfied with the page they have found? It is likely to receive its data from a few of the most obvious sources.


The Click Through Rate (CTR) for each result

Google has said that there are over 200 major ranking factors and about 10,000 minor factors and one thing RankBrain may well do is alter the weighting that all of these different factors have to be able to make it more than likely that visitors will want to click the top result in the search results page.


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