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Organic search strategies have their respective advantages and disadvantages. On average, search engine users conduct over 18.6 billion search requests per month. The search engine results pages probably provided a mixture of both organic and paid rankings. Knowing the advantages of organic search strategies will enable you to get the best return for your search marketing dollars. As you’ll see, combining them will frequently result in a better click-through rate.

Organic search results page are the listings of web pages returned by search engine algorithms that match the search string for keywords. Marketers use search engine optimization and content assets to obtain high internet search engine rankings. The goal is to be on the first page and after that move into the top 3 rankings for particular keywords. That is since the benefits of an organic search are dependent on visibility. The higher the ranking, the more pronounced the benefits. With high internet search engine ranking comes a perception of credibility on the part of searchers. High search rankings imply industry authority and leadership. Respected backlinks are the single best indicator of a website’s authority and leadership (use this backlink checker tool to see how many backlinks your site has). This perception translates into much more confidence and a higher likelihood to click through to the site.

Furthermore, if the content that ranks high is evergreen, meaning consistently high-quality, then the rankings will also have a more evergreen presence. That specific content might rank high long after the content has been created. Once you get high rankings, it is easier to keep these rankings. You get the authority status and build the confidence of users and search engines.

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