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Websites and content strategies are optimized around Google’s algorithms for companies to build and maintain a substantial online presence. If your site has a high Google rank, then you are good, right? Not necessarily. Believe it or not, Google has some serious competition with other search engines, such as Bing and Yahoo. We know that you’re probably thinking, Yahoo? Wasn’t that a 1990 thing – right up there with AOL? Does anyone even use Bing? The answer is YES. Even though only 30 percent of web users and searchers use Bing, this is still a possible business that you could target.


The Right Audience

One more reason why you need to be optimizing for Bing is demographics. The demographics of Bing users differ from Google or Yahoo users. Based on your target audience, Bing users may fit the profile.


Keeping Up with Google

It has happened before: after putting in a lot of effort and time to raise your Google rank, your position abruptly drops. Everyone knows that Google often updates and changes algorithms, which can be frustrating and may even become a full-time job – one that many companies can’t afford. If you’re also optimizing for other search engines, like Bing, then even when Google does change its algorithms, you can rest assured that you’re still targeting the audience on Bing while you work at adapting to the new Google changes.


Bing SEO vs. Google SEO – What’s the Difference?

Countless companies have invested in executing solid search engine optimization strategies to enhance their Google rank and position. Nevertheless, what many don’t realize is that a good search engine optimization strategy also takes other search engines into account. For instance, Bing is gaining more attention and traction from brands looking to achieve and expand their audience and rank higher on both search platforms.


Therefore, with regards to search engine optimization, what are the similarities and differences between Bing and Google? Here are a few key points you ought to know.


Google vs. Bing: Similarities

  • Top brands, such as popular online breaking news sites, tend to rank higher
  • The number of backlinks still matter!
  • Optimizing content with keywords based on geographical locations is essential for a local search results page
  • Relevant and quality content is crucial for high search rankings


Google vs. Bing: Differences

  • Bing places more focus on social network engagements and interaction than Google
  • Even though Google approves a keywords number and keyword variations, Bing prefers the exact match of keywords in the content
  • Bing cares more about the age of the domain and also considers .gov and .edu sites when assigning a rank
  • Bing understands and crawls Flash websites better than Google
  • Bing puts more emphasis on mobile optimized websites Than Google


Given that you understand some of the differences between Google and Bing search engine optimization and why optimizing for both search engines is very important, remember “quality over quantity” in terms of your SEO efforts. The great news is that Google and Bing have some similarities with regards to search engine optimization, so you do not have to revamp your whole SEO strategy or duplicate your SEO efforts just for Bing. All in all, quality over quantity still matters. Similar to Google, Bing tends to rank top brands higher than smaller brands and also considers the quality of content and backlinks.


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