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The Importance Of Mobile-Friendly Websites

Odds are you have had website designers or digital marketing experts tell you your site needs to be mobile-friendly if it is not already. There has been a widespread panic for websites to acquire mobile friendly ever since Mobilegeddon happened, and for people who have not made the switch still, you may be wondering how important it is for you. How important is mobile? In October of 2016, mobile traffic officially surpassed desktop traffic on the web!

Desktop traffic has gradually been down for the last decade, and the mobile internet usage has been continually growing. There is no stopping the upward mobile trend. By 2019, mobile is predicted to account for 79% of all website traffic, which means that only 20% of the time people spend on your website will be from a personal computer. And if your site does not work on a mobile phone, research shows individuals will stop visiting it in favor of a site that offers a smoother mobile experience. Imagine trying to navigate an online breaking news site that uses their desktop version on mobile! Google says that 61% of users are unlikely to return to the mobile site they’d access problems and 40% visit a competitor’s website instead.


How Does Your Audience Browse?

Regardless of the overall trend towards mobile, you may still find some industries where most web traffic still comes from desktop computers. Analyze your user characters to get a better idea of how your audience browses the web. Mobile is particularly crucial to local service-based businesses, like locksmith services, for instance. Someone in need of local business directories is nearly definitely going to look for a local company using their mobile phone. For a much more complete image, review your Google analytics data to see which devices your visitors use. But while mobile can be more important for some industries than others, user preferences and browsing habits are not the only things to consider regarding having a mobile-friendly website.


Mobile-Friendliness and Search Engine Optimization

Of all of the factors looked at by Google when determining how to rank your site on search engines, mobile usability is rated as the 3rd most important of all of the factors. Google had made an even bigger turn towards mobile in Nov 2016 when it announced that it’d crawl the mobile version of websites before the desktop version.

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Are Press Releases Still Good For SEO?

Are press releases still good for search engine optimization, and are they significant investments to pay for companies to distribute them? This, like a lot of questions regarding search engine optimization strategies, does not have an easy answer. News releases were utilized as a way for businesses to let journalists know about large events, like winning a prize, launching a brand new product, or winning a significant contract.

The idea behind press releases is that it is sent to numerous different news media outlets and hopefully more than one of them would have a journalist contact the company for more info, to write a story about the event or improvement or to interview someone in the company. As technology caught up, newswire services were created, which would syndicate these press releases much more widely than they had been previously. Businesses began writing press releases for everything, from hiring new employees to altering the color of the carpets in their break room. However, search engine optimization experts realized that each time a news release is issued, it results in a link back to the company being syndicated to hundreds of media outlets.

Since links to a site are a measure of its relevance, SEOs discovered that if they controlled the text of that link, it could result in dozens of highly relevant links pointing to the site using the site’s main keywords. As search engine optimizers are known to do, they overdid it. Pretty soon Google began penalizing websites that did this, along with websites that carried these links. Fast forward a few years, and now most of these newswires, sites that index press releases use nofollow links, which make these links ineffective for SEO.

Nevertheless, news releases continue to serve the same function they’ve always had, and they are a terrific way to get the attention of journalists. So if you’ve done something noteworthy, utilizing a news release and a newswire distribution service is an excellent way to generate interest. That interest might lead to interviews, stories, and eventually added attention and links, and links are still great for SEO.

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Website Design Tips for Conversions

First impressions could make or break you, particularly in this digital era. Your online audience won’t spare an additional second before switching to another website, however minor the issues. Slow loading speed, too many advertisements, and lousy navigation are some major turn-offs and negatively impact search engine optimization. Here are some tips for improving your website design by experienced digital marketing strategists. Check them out here!


Stay Consistent

Among the first things you may do to improve your rate of conversion is to spend some time maintaining message consistency. Often, a pay per click (PPC) ad for a specific product is a far different than the landing page a user goes to after clicking on the ad.

That is a much more common mistake than you may think, and could make potential buyers frustrated or confused, putting an end to the conversion process, which is not what you want! People have limited patience, so it is important to find innovative ways to present your message to users rapidly and efficiently.


Call To Action (CTA)

If you would like more conversions, you need to understand that users want info fast. People have limited patience, so it is important to find innovative ways to present your message to users quickly and effectively. You want to provide solutions to your users’ problems as fast as possible to provide the highest quality experience and, in turn, positively impact your search engine optimization efforts.

A CTA should also do the job of convincing prospective clients to follow steps to take action quickly. Make your CTA appealing, and spend some time to create buttons rather than simple hypertext links. When creating a suitable CTA, bear in mind that your message should be written on a readable font and must have a natural tone. Your CTA should let your clients know about any benefits that their purchase will offer. Make your CTA appealing, and spend some time to create buttons rather than a simple hypertext. Visibility could make or break CTA.

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Sitemaps For SEO: How To Achieve Full Indexing Potential

A sitemap of your site is essential to excellent search engine optimization. This allows web crawlers to navigate the site easily and also offers metadata like dates of the latest updates for search engines to utilize in rankings. Therefore, how do you create a sitemap, and what type do you need? This depends upon many factors, so first I will take you throughout the fundamentals and the ways different sitemaps could work together on a website. A sitemap lists all links to every page on your site in a hierarchical format, so the most authoritative pages are on top of the map.

The different links and URLs are in fact inside the sitemap files, placed together. This way the web crawlers for search engines find them quickly so that they can rapidly redirect searchers to the content they want. Ask, Bing, Google and Yahoo all use the same protocols with sitemaps, so creating the best map for your site is your key to better visibility and rankings from all of them. Fundamentally, they are your message to web crawlers: here’s where you need to crawl and what is there. Certain websites, such as online celebrity breaking news, can greatly benefit from providing search engines with sitemaps because of the sheer amount of content they produce.

Specific types of content might benefit more from a particular kind of sitemap. For instance, video content might call for a video sitemap. Your sitemap may also provide critical metadata to web crawlers like the date of your last update, licensing info or what type of the object is on a page. Going back to the video example, a video sitemap can provide a subject or a category for video recording together with its duration and age appropriateness rating. Just having a sitemap doesn’t offer any guarantees. You can never be sure that web crawlers will index each item in your website’s sitemap because search engines use sophisticated algorithms to handle crawling.

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How To Write SEO Content For Google’s RankBrain

Keeping up with Google’s changing algorithm is among the most difficult aspects of search engine optimization, as the algorithms are continuously becoming more sophisticated. Google RankBrain is among the latest and most important players in the suite of Google algorithm updates, and an understanding of how it works may help you create content that’s tailored to appeal to RankBrain’s artificial intelligence. Since its introduction in October 2015, search engine optimization agencies that specialize in content advertising have learned quite a bit about how RankBrain views content and search engine optimization.


How does Google RankBrain work?

Google doesn’t always share the specifics of their approach and algorithms for internet search engine rankings, as it’s led to abuse and manipulation of the system. Historical problems that have led to low-quality content taking over the internet include selling links, hiding text, keyword stuffing, and spammy backlinks. Google’s focus is now on algorithms that identify and reward thoughtful, useful content that’s free from those flawed ranking tricks that may muddy questions and lead users to low quality results. Since the focus is now on quality and matching human search intent, by sharing the specifics of what kind of content RankBrain seeks, Google is making it simpler for users to find desirable info on the web.

By raising the bar on how content is ranked, these new rating systems benefit the greater good with a significant shift towards higher quality organic results. As an artificial intelligence machine algorithm with the capability to learn, RankBrain can adapt and gain knowledge about the intentions of search engine users and the kind of info they seek. Creating content that’s distinctive, useful and intriguing, like exclusive online new stories, will engage your audience, and it’ll also attract the attention of RankBrain.


What specific steps could you take to create the kind of content which will meet these challenges?

Choose phrases, not simple keywords. Even though the inclusion of a single keyword for website content is a time-honored tradition, it is keyword phrases that RankBrain seeks, especially longtail ones, that mimic smartphone voice searches. Use this online keyword research tool to discover the best keywords to rank for. By creating a connection between search terms and key phrases, RankBrain guides users to websites that most closely match the search request. Many search requests are also phrases, known as long tail queries. When RankBrain connects your keyword phrases to long tail queries, the users who seek your informative content will be more easily able to locate it.

Experienced internet marketers generally choose a primary key phrase, accompanied by additionally associated phrases, you can convey the subject matter to a manner that’s easily interpreted by RankBrain. When RankBrain understands your content and links it to search queries, your website will get a high rank in the search results page. The patterns that are the result of keyword phrases and related search conditions are links that RankBrain learns for future reference. Whenever your content continually produces valuable results, your website may benefit from high rankings and traffic when comparable search queries are utilized in the future.

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