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3 Keyword Research Tools For Startups

Here are three keyword study tools I recommend for startups to start a well-rounded keyword basis for SEO:

  1. Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is the best place to begin your keyword study. It is designed for advertising, but you can utilize it to research organic keywords by customizing your results for one of your competitors. Enter your service or product, your competitor’s landing web page, and product category. Customize your search for specific kinds of keywords. With Keyword Planner, you can search for new keywords and ad group ideas, get a search volume for a list of keywords or group them into ad groups, get traffic forecasts for a list of keywords, and compile multiple keyword lists to acquire new keyword thoughts. You need to pay attention to the ideas of keywords and ads group ideas, as both might help with SEO.

Ad group ideas contain a set of associated keywords that may not appear as generally keyword ideas. Pay attention to average monthly searches and competition, along with other relevant metrics to determine keywords to target. If you plan on doing search engine optimization and pay-per-click (PPC) together, Keyword Planner may help you decide which keywords are better to target organically or with advertising. You may also use Keyword Planner suggestions as a foundation to construct long tail keywords with the aid of some of the other tools below.

  1. ToolsFree

ToolsFree has a long tail keyword research tool with a great interface. These additional dimensions of keywords can be applicable, particularly when integrating search engine optimization with content advertising. ToolsFree helps you dig into the local keyword study; you can filter your search results page by city, country, or state.

  1. Moz’s Keyword Explorer

Moz Keyword Explorer is a brand new tool by Moz that adds some additional dimensions to keyword study. This may help you in planning your search engine optimization strategy beyond keyword study. It is a widely popular and accurate keyword research tool that gives great insight into each keyword, such as competition and projected volume.

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