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What Is A Backlink Pyramid?

The backlink pyramid was among very first SEO strategies to be developed ever since Google started placing value on backlinks. A backlink pyramid is simple to implement, easy to explain and useful in lots of ways. The strategy allows you to send top quality backlinks to your money site, fortifies those top quality links, and improves the index rate of these backlinks. These links must be manually created Web 2.0’s, have high PR blog posts, news articles, and high PR social bookmarks. These links will be pointing directly to your primary site, so you want to make sure they are not spammy and have good diversity.

Tier 2 – The 2nd tier of links will be medium quality links. You should use well-spun content and auto create links. Article directory sites, wiki links, and various low PR backlinks are good for the second level. Your second level of links will be pointing towards your first level of backlinks only. The goal of the second level links is to strengthen the quality of your Level 1 websites and improve their SEO rank. You may want to send multiple Level 2 links to each Level 1 backlink. This means you’ll be creating 10 to 20 times more Level 2 that you created in the 1st year.

Level 3 – This is where we spam the Internet a la 2001. Level 3 requires poor quality links like auto-accepted blog comments, Pligg bookmarks, and Wiki links. This 3rd tier of backlinks will be pointing directly to the second level of backlink. The objective of level 3 backlinks is to improve the index rate of your level 2 backlinks. The most of your tier 3 backlinks won’t be indexed by Google so you should create enough that you’ll have at least a few backlinks indexed per Tier 2 backlinks on average. Send another 10 to 20 times more backlinks pointing at your level 2 links as you created previously.

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