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Negatives Of Social Media Marketing

Exposed Negative Reviews

Prior to social networks, it was hard for a client to complain about a product in a public domain. Often, a complaint will be spread by word of mouth, which can reach only a small group of individuals. Nevertheless, with the advent of social networks, anyone can post a negative comment on the page of a large company’s social network site. Although many companies control sites on their pages to limit damaging posts, some companies don’t. One way to combat this is to have an individual monitor the site to delete or instantly respond to negative comments in a positive light.

Constant Monitoring is Necessary

Social networks introduced the concept of worldwide real-time response. For global companies, this is even a bigger problem. As many consumers are checking their social network sites several times through by day, constant monitoring is needed to prevent hacking, negative campaigns, and overuse by consumers who are simply attempting to sell their product on your page. Trained and competent social media marketing staff must be hired to help combat this problem.

Linking to your site

Social media also allow an interconnected network of followers; this implies that a simple message on your Facebook wall can easily end up in the view of many, many more than your intended audience. For instance, bloggers with newsletters are very popular nowadays and will tie back to your social network site when they spot a good deal. While this can be a good thing in a lot of cases, it may easily overwhelm a small business resulting in negative consequences when the website or store can’t handle the dramatically increased traffic.

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