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Should I Put Effort Into Bing SEO?

Google frequently dominates the search engine optimization conversation with most businesses optimizing just for the reigning champion of the search engines. However, it turns out, to have a solid search engine optimization strategy you have to take Bing into account as well. Great, you think, now we have to optimize for Bing, too? Is it worth it? Well, now that the combined strength of Bing and Yahoo dominates about 10% of the market share for search, and the paid search share of the network is expected to continue its trend of upward growth, Bing is increasingly grabbing the attention of those seeking to reach a wider audience and rank higher on both search platforms.

Fortunately, you do not have to completely reinvent the wheel to optimize for Bing, but there are several factors and potential changes you need to consider. While there are several similarities in the SEO ranking factors for Bing and Google, there are also some significant differences which should be thought about when optimizing your site. Therefore, now you are wondering, how is Bing search engine optimization different than Google search engine optimization? Let’s take a look, and find out what you need to do to put yourself in the best position for ranking well on Bing. Bear in mind, we’re speaking about organic internet search engine rankings here, not PPC.

“Optimizing for Bing search is critical for grabbing the attention of as many people as possible,” says the creator of eAttorneyQuotes, a valuable online lawyer directory.

Why bother with Bing? As well as Bing’s growing market share, there are many reasons for optimizing your site for Bing. To start with, since so many websites concentrate on optimizing only for Google, you might help put yourself ahead of your competition by positioning your company in front of 10% of users using Bing and Yahoo. That’s a lot of eyes and prospective clients that your competitors can be ignoring. There are also some differences in demographic data of those who search using Bing and Yahoo compared to people who most frequently use Google.

Based on the target audience, you might wish to contemplate the portions of the country or the types of households which are more inclined to use Bing on Google. And, as we know, Google often updates its algorithms, which can occasionally leave company coding to adapt to your changes. Should this happen to you or your SEO ranking position suddenly drops, it’s great to know that you will still reach a wide audience on Bing and Yahoo, while you work towards adapting to the new Google changes.

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