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Should I Use WordPress To Create A Website?

You may create strong, polished sites with WordPress without learning a lot of coding. Once you are comfortable with WordPress, you may do in one week or a weekend what could it take you a month or more to code from scratch. WordPress software, once installed on a server, provides a ton of tools to build and control your stresses with great websites. Building personal portfolios, blogs, and brochures websites are super simple with WordPress. Thanks to well-developed WordPress plugins, you may also easily build e-commerce sites, job tables, social networks along with other custom sites. More developers are even speaking about using WordPress as the application framework. However, this is a less developed use case for WordPress at that moment.

For super simple websites, WordPress is perfect. For complex sites that require a lot of bending, tweaking and hacking to make WordPress viable alternative, you should explore building the site from the ground up, likely rely upon JavaScript and back-end programming languages such as PHP or Ruby. Most website creators using WordPress today run basic websites, those with static pages, a blog or a news section, some kind of custom content, and a wide range of common features such as slideshows, contact forms, and more. Unless of course, your theme comes along with custom content by default, you’ll have to activate a few plugins and make some template coding to include custom content on your WordPress website.

All in all, if you’re not an experienced web developer and need to create a simple site, WordPress is the way to go. However, WordPress is not as customizable as building from the ground up. On the other hand, if you’re a more experienced web developer and know the right coding languages, you may want to create the site from scratch to your specific needs.

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Use Keywords to Optimize Your Blog

Do you want your site to start ranking online? Here are a few handy SEO blogger tips to start attracting traffic and which will help you get your blog there! The search results page that lies in the #1 position on Google receives 33% of search traffic. By simply having your site place on top of the results list, you can dramatically increase traffic and business for your blog.

Numbers do not lie, and the #1 spot is a coveted one. There are a few things that you may do which might help get your content in high rankings spots on the results page while bringing in a relevant audience. It is all about the keyword. Google handles 40,000 search queries every second. That is why it’s so important to cut through search result gutters and rise above your competitors. You need to zero in on keywords with phrases that your prospective clients might search for.

“Keywords are essential for ranking your website online. Create a list of keywords that you want to rank for to give you some direction,” says the CEO of WritersNow, a professional writing service.

Otherwise, they’ll never be capable of finding your website and its incredible content. The ideal way to identify keywords that you can use without hiring a professional service is by heading over to the social network platforms. Find out where the desired audience is hanging out online, and simply see what’s trending. Pay special attention to the phrasing and words they’re using. Google has tools that will help you get an idea of what keywords are popular. Google Trends can show you that searches are starting to decrease and that are just firing up.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that the most obvious and used keywords aren’t always the best ones. Seekers like to use very long keyword phrases and even questions when they hunt. For the ultimate SEO blogger’s success, increase your organic search traffic by making your keyword phrases longer. Sprinkle your keywords. After you have got a good list of potential, long targeted keywords, it is time to start the blog post!

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