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How To Get Mobile Rich Cards In Google

Rich Cards are the latest Addition to Google’s improved search results page. Using structured data in the shape of Schema.org, certain types of topics may get an improved presentation in Google. Rich cards are search results in card form that the user can swipe through that mostly pop up on mobile. At first, only recipes and films had rich cards, but now local restaurants and courses have joined the club. Learn how to increase your chances of Google showing rich snippets of your site from the search results page!

So what are rich cards? Rich cards are a kind of expansion of the search results page we know as rich snippets. On mobile, a rich card is the basic unit of a search result. Rich results are the search results page that have extra info attached to it, this might be aggregate ratings, prices or availability. The ending result is a well structured presentation that’s simple to grasp and quick to act upon. Another kind of rich result offers direct interaction with the search result. For example, some restaurants now offer the chance to reserve a table straight from the search results.

Mobile has eclipsed desktop, and search engines are working very difficult to tap into the vast possibilities this brings. Swiping throughout the cards makes it possible to locate the result that best suits the user’s intentions. As a website owner, you could make individual results available, or a list of elements in a certain category. After that, a user can swipe throughout the results to find the best results in this category on your site.

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