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How To Do Keyword Research And Keyword Analysis For SEO

Keyword research is most likely the most crucial part of SEO and content writing. You can’t start to plan for a campaign if you don’t know which phrases you’re targeting, and you can’t estimate costs and returns from search engine optimization if you don’t first understand who your competition is. The objective of this post is to strategize keyword study for search engine optimization from its roots and build towards the more technical aspects. Keyword research is the practice of identifying which phrases are used on the search engines when individuals are searching for information, and typically includes finding the search volume and relative competitiveness of the terms.

The keyword opportunity model explains the idea of taking a macro approach to dissecting SERP’s at the keyword level, which is essential for enterprise search engine optimization and growing websites over 100,000 visitors per month. The macro approach to the keyword study is critical for content heavy websites, but not perfect when doing an intent-focused keyword study, as will be the case for eCommerce, applications, or other situations where some keyword phrases are going to carry considerably more qualification.

There are many tools available to assist with keyword research. For example, Übersuggest is a Google suggestion keyword scraper, which goes out and does the tedious work of running your keyword phrases along with each letter of the alphabet from A to Z, and number combinations 0 through 9, capturing the most frequently searched permutations. Paste the selected related keyword back in the google keyword tool and rerun for more keyword information goodness. Even though keyword study is considerably harder with regards to competition, it’s still the clear winner with regards to keywords to target search traffic.

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