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Social Media Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2018

Staying ahead of the curve became tricky on social networks today. A simple social network algorithm change can turn good social network promotion practice to bad and leave you with an obsolete social network strategy in a matter of days. If you want to stay in the game on social media in 2018, there is no choice but to stay informed about social media marketing trends and adapt. According to Facebook’s December announcement, the company is going to devalue engagement bait content.

Asking your followers to like if they have experienced this or that, or share if they have a friend, cat, or neighbor who will help out, was an easy shortcut to more involvement, but it’s rapidly turning into a practice that can earn you some penalties. Facebook practically announced a war on lower quality brand content, and anticipation is that other platforms will follow soon. The future challenge for brands advertising on social networks will be to inspire conversation with more meaningful, more creative content. Organic reach will decline – Zuckerberg did not wait to give entrepreneurs a moment to breathe in the new opportunities in 2018 before he declared that Facebook’s feed is shifting.

Social media ad prices are rising – Facebook ad rates have risen by 30% in the last quarter alone and will continue to rise as companies are forced to invest more in social networks. The year of 2017 registered a 60% increase in social network spending budget over 2016 since organic reach in some industries dropped to only 2%. There’s not been a more urgent time to begin advertising on Facebook; soon it may become a luxury. Small product marketing works – less organic reach implies that businesses may have to change their social network marketing entirely to paid advertising to connect with their audience. However, it also implies that influencer marketing will soar.

Influencer advertising was on the rise for what seems like forever. But there’s an essential distinction: what once referred to contacting celebrities to put in a good word of your product for a fairly large price has now morphed into several unique practices. Increasingly more marketers are turning to smaller scale micro influencer projects for some peer-to-peer endorsement in the hope that they’ll reach a more targeted, smaller audience. And it works, since 49% of people say that they are influenced, by influencers before purchasing.

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